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Today’s prompt from The Write Practice: Write about the morning. Here’s my entry.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve never been a morning person. I never understand people who can leap out of bed, put on a pot of coffee and be instantly ready to face the day. For me, the lure of a cozy bed far outweighs that of a hot shower.

I love to set my alarm for 6.30, always planning to get up, go for a run, and still have time to shower and make a fruit smoothie before arriving at work early to impress the boss. And it never happens. Inevitably the snooze button is just a groggy swipe of the hand away, giving me relief from facing the reality of the day in 5 minute bursts.

When I was younger, I occasionally managed to push through these mental barriers. In high school I went through period of a couple of months where my morning routine was exactly as I described: up early, run, fruit smoothie. Even though it was mid-winter, pitch black and freezing cold, there’s something exhilarating about running that early in the morning. It gives you a feeling of superiority, pounding the pavement past houses full of lazy sleepers who can’t even be bothered to get up and experience what you do. “Poor bastards”, I would think. “I can’t believe I used to be like that.” My iPod would provide the soundtrack to my life. Morning Glory by Oasis was my powersong.

Need a little time to wake up, wake up/

Well, what’s the story morning glory/

So well, but we need a little time to wake up wake up

But the best part about running at an ungodly hour on a cold dark December morning wasn’t feeling superior to those not doing the same – it’s the unspoken bond you have with other morning runners. The upwards nod, or raise of the eyebrows, as you run past each other, or even a quick “Morning” in between breaths, there’s an understanding that you’re all part of the same group: athletes committed to a cause, no matter how early you have to go to bed the night before.

Now, lying in bed with the alarm buzzing at 7am (having snoozed six times already), I think of those people, that crazy club of morning runners, and I wish I were still part of them. I still could be, if I jump out of bed right now, put my trainers on, and go, without a second thought.

I press snooze, and turn over. Maybe in another 5 minutes.


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